Hair-My identity

In the end I see my beginning ,

I meet the zero point.

The point where recycled each day,

The point where desires deformed,

The point where destruction is formed,

The point where desires offer their position to compromise,

The point where guilt rises for everything which has  not been fulfilled and has just been  left to procrastination, 

The point where the roundabout defines itself,

The conventional, exhaustive repetition


The routine

means both the end and the beginning.


In the room where everything goes down the drain, I cut the zero point.A further separation out of the plethora of those which have been passed and which will come back again.Gives oxygen, provides clearance, to all those things which stand now destitute and fragile.It frees all those remained trapped inside the doomed old age, now flowing towards nothingness.As whatever dies should be buried to give space to the next birth to form a new cycle.A new terminal is to be found, a new starting point. I will never  stop meeting the zero point. 

In the end I will be perpetually seeing my beginning .....

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