Neon Tubes 2014

The project ''neon tubes'' was created for the Multicenter art-theatre Huis Voor de Amateurkunsten within the frame of a contest in association with the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Antwerp.I won this price with three others students from the academy.

 My suggestion for this Multicenter art-theatre consists of a lighting construction. My idea of this specific project was born when I visited the place and I realized that there was not enough lighting in the yard.This old modern era addition is exactly opposite the exit of the foyer. By using this facade as a basic layer, I ''draw'' one more line on this simple, rational composition. In contrast and at the same time in harmony to the very spirit of the facade, I created a rational work for those who come out the theatre and in a second layer an ''enlightening'' like all those magical moments of the theatre world.