Time and Tide

Escalles Workshop 2014  


 At the workshop with the In Situ³ studio, which held in Escalles-France with the supervision of the professors K.Van’t  Hof, L.Vrankel, W. bolangier from Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. I made a documentation book with title “Time and Tide”.My residency in this place caused me a strong interest for the tremendous ocean.Every day I tried to depict the scenery, the waves, the sea  and the stones by sketching them.Moreover ''The Union'' features a collection of stones presented in pairs, tied up together with a piece of plastic tire-up . These segments, unlikely to ever unite by natural causes, interact with each other under an artificial, unfamiliar bond formed by me.An act of inner resistance against the natural decay, a “Deus ex-machina” who declares that time will result in union instead of abscission.