…”If we start to examine the general laws of perception we see that as perception becomes habitual, it becomes automatic.So for example, all of our habits retreat into the area of unconsciously automatic.If one remembers the sensation of holding a pen or of speaking a foreign language for the first time and compares it with the  feeling of thousandth time doing so,they  will agree with us…”
Victor Shklovsky, 1924 Art as Technique.

 The starting point of my work is an established weekly habit this of washing my cloths.The soap, the laundry machine, the remains of washing, the drying and the folding of clothes are elements that characterize a procedure that takes a lot of time and consists of specific succession of actions which are always the same.

 This habit could be characterized as a given state, without surprise, just a boring occupation which takes along time in a day.In this time space, my movements are mechanical,stable,secure.This automatism allows me to think about unrelated actions of what I am doing this moment.

 So during of this process, I often tidy my thoughts, I frame plans, I pull out experiences and I work on them, I estabilize some ideas, and I take some dicisions.

 Although nothing changes apparently, is really different for me every time the experience.The objects which I come in contact during this habit seem to be enriched spiritually, emotionally, symbolically.It seems that they take off their usual characteristics and turn out to be strange objects.

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